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A few years back I discovered my innate passion for painting. I have been so comfortable with the canvas, brushes and the palette knife that I have started wielding it with ardor and affection. Abstracts give me a freedom of thought that releases me from a preset mental framework. I love abstracts!

The strokes and flow of colours follow my mood and thoughts when I stand before the canvas. I find it extremely exciting to express my thoughts and views through colours and strokes. Sometimes I start with a particular thought in mind and as I move along, new thoughts and ideas crop up and I end up with an entirely new result, which, to me is a personal 'masterpiece'. Believe me, sometimes, I get lost half way through and before I realize, I am back on track and the painting evolves even more artistically than I had initially thought of. That, I believe is called 'serendipity'. I think this is perfectly fine.

I haven’t had any formal training or education in art. Being a surgeon myself, and dealing with aesthetics, I have learnt to appreciate life and beauty in any form and that is the strong foundation that has driven me to express my thoughts on canvas. I have of course had my catastrophes and disasters on the canvas, but have brushed them aside and started afresh on a new canvas. So much like life, you will agree!

I just love using colours at free will and each new work of mine gives me a new hope to get better than the best. Even before I splash my first colour on the canvas, I can visualize what the work would eventually look like. I think that’s my inspiration to get going, sometimes in a way that is unstoppable!

I love to use bright colours and make my paintings look flashy but my better half, who is also my best friend, explains the effect of other subtle colours as they relate to life and this gives me room for more experimentation with various shades and sometimes a combination of them. I take her suggestions with mixed feelings initially, but eventually all is well!

I love my paintings to be active, ebullient, happy and vibrant. It should speak about me. I love to paint and the canvas is my domain when I am with it. The colors are my thoughts and the strokes are my moods and the result, my style!

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I am happy to sell my paintings and they are reasonably priced. The price of each painting varies on a lot of simple factors like the size, complexity, material costs and also the creative time, thinking and positive energy I pour into them.

My paintings are versatile and colourful and would make any wall light up with energy and positive vibrations. It will be a pleasure to part with my paintings to adorn your walls! I do hope they reach far and wide and not get confined in my studio!

The paintings are ready to hang. They will be packed and shipped to your home.

To know the price of any painting that interests you and also to know its availability, please send me a mail at

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